Anti-Bullying & Suicide Prevention for Students

SafeStudents™ is the simplest way for students to report Bullying and suicide concerns to school administrators anytime, anywhere, privately and securely using their own mobile device.

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Why SafeStudents? Just a few of the reasons intellegent districts choose SafeStudents™ over the competition.

Easy To Use

No experience is necessary to use the app and minimal information is required to start a report for administrators to act upon.

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Research shows that students are more likely to report a problem if they are allowed to remain anonymous.

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Two Way Communication

Support for two way communication allows administrators to ask follow up questions and offer updates on reports.

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Parents Want It

Parents love to see that their school district is actively addressing the problems of bullying and suicide prevention.

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Simple Rollout

Fully formed introduction and implementation procedures for students, parents, and administrators.

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Protect Students & Schools

Providing a proactive approach to combat bullying and student suicide, currently the #1 cause of death for middle schoolers in the US.

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Behind every great Student App, there is an even greater Administrator App.

SafeStudents™ reports are collected by ComplyAssist™, the industry's most comprehensive reporting & investigation management platform.

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Steve Cohen, Ed.D.


Steve has dedicated his career to helping organizations improve, including addressing sexual harassment, teaching motivational management, improving workplace diversity and providing employee training.


Larry Altman

Title IX and Legal Development

Larry has served as the special education lead attorney, compliance officer and Title IX Coordinator for the Kansas City Public School District. He is an adjunct professor at Avila University. While in private practice, he focused extensively on chidren with special needs.


Dale Garrison

Communications Developer

A veteran of newspaper and magazine editing, Dale spent 24 years as a communications consultant, writer and editor for print and digital media. His clients include mental health care and developmental disabilities organizations.


Marc Winkler

Business Development

Marc is an experienced business and financial advisor. With his background in matching business opportunities to needs, he provides valuable leadership to our team.


Andy Cohen

CTO • Lead Software Engineer

Andy is an experienced Software Engineer and Open Source contributor. He heads our engineering department, leading the design and development of our two software products. SafeStudents & ComplyAssist